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About us

Shiv Shakti Industrial Training Institute is situated maharajpur road morena District MORENA State MADHYA PRADESH. The location of the institute is very strategic. The approach to the institute is also very convenient by Rail or Bus and Various modes of transportaioon is available to reach to the institution. Shiv Shakti Industrial Training Institute has a lush green campus and the surrounding area is fast developing to add beauty to the campus. The management committee of the society is committed to facilitate and impart quality and high standard job-oriented technical education to the rural and urban boys and girls so that besides providing gainfull employment these boys and girls can contribute in the overall development of industries and economy of India.

MORENA city is a fast growing city.where lot of buildings and industrial developmental activities are undergoing. The facade of the city is changing very fast and numerous number of projects like MetroRail, IT city etc. are at various stage of implementation. These projects have led to the ever growing demand of skilled and technically qualified man-power in every field and a large gap exist between supply and demand. Hence there is no dearth of employment opportunities in and around Lucknow. Keeping in view the paucity of skilled and qualified technicians, Shiv Shakti Industrial Training Institute will prove to be a boom and excellent training provider to the rural boys and girls for getting employment after passing the course. The courses will be taught by qualified teachers and guest speakers. We wish to produce qualified,skilled, competent professionals as well as responsible citizens of India.

Our Vision

1. Contributing to society through promotion of teaching, learning and knowledge

2. Being the leading college in the Commerce stream, in India, by assimilating global development in education and adopting the latest technology.

3. Developing the personality of students in a holistic manner, by combining skills and values

4. Providing state-of-the-art technology and facilities of global standard.

5. Improving the quality of the community and national life by providing meaningful and effective social service.

6. Equipping students to face the realities of life.

7. Improving the standard of the courses offered through innovative and effective teaching methods and curriculum development.

Our Mission

“It is said that thousand miles of Journey begins with single step and milestones are an important part of journey. Mile stone also provide opportunities to pause & celebrate the joyfull moment of journey. We at Shiv Shakti Private I. T. I. , look at milestones that reflect value as seen by our students and the society

Achievements do not happen in vaccum for that environment plays a critical role. The group makes all out efforts to create an enabling environment conductive for holistic development of our students so as to prepare them competent enough today to face the challenges of tomorrow.

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OUR Courses

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There is nothing to explain when you say the word electrician. If you are low skilled and just have completed your matriculation then Electrician is really good ITI course for you.

Steno courses are also available and it is also for low skilled candidates. Steno’s course for ITI takes at least 2 years and you can start right after your 10th.










Our department initiated a series of events

Viswakarma Puja

08:00 AM - 10:00 AM

7 Nov 2018

Diwali Festival

08:00 AM - 10:00 AM

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